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groundwater level and preflood regulation


The project is embedded into a complex of problems with subsidence in the areas of Voerde-Mehrum and Dorsten. Since all measures related to subsidence caused by mining are in the public eye, the project was organised in consideration of an increased public awareness, in co-operation with DIEDERICHS.

The changes of the groundwater levels in the city of Voerde and the regions of the Mommbach and the Hammbach rivers required the construction of a pumping plant, various object protection measures and groundwater regulations. Special attention was paid to the Mommbach, whose flow path was on the verge of turning.

Interdisciplinary working project teams were formed to cope with the complex tasks. The general project target was to avoid damages that could be caused by subsidence forecast up to 2010.

The active mining lead to dynamic basic conditions, requiring an unusually flexible project control – a demand DIEDERICHS satisfied at any time.

DIEDERICHS supported the planning for groundwater regulation and the construction of the pumping plant until the stage of design planning was completed. So far, various expert certificates and feasibility studies had been created, parallel to the planning services, according to ‘HOAI’ (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers). In 2001, the object protection measure in Voerde-Mehrum was completed under DIEDERICHS´ participation within the stipulated budget and in due time.

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Lippeverband Essen




Gross surface area

approx. m²

Gross volume

approx. m³


approx. 14.5 Mio. € gross


1996 to 2001


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