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Integrated comprehensive school, Barsbüttel/Germany

three for one

With the invitation to tender for an awarded architect's competition for the new building of the integrated comprehensive school, in Barsbüttel in 1995 and the choice of the 1-st prize-winner, trapez architektur Hamburg, as a planner, the first project decisions were made. The task to realise a building for which costs of approx. 22.5 m € were given on the basis of the respective cost estimates of the 1st and 2nd phase including an single-field sports hall, is no specific feature - nevertheless, the budgetary situation of our contract provider permitted a total budget of no more than 18.0 m €.

In this situation, DIEDERICHS was engaged as project controller. After the construction works had been completed, the single budget for the first and second construction phase, calculated by DIEDERICHS, clearly fell short of the estimates.

With the punctual opening of the school in 1998 and the completion of the 2nd building phase at the beginning of the school year 2003 all project targets have been maintained, so far. The room allocation programme was completely realised.

Due to consistent cost and schedule control, DIEDERICHS could demonstrate to the client the possibility to make a change in the last planned project phase, comprising the construction of a one-court sports hall.

According to the overall budget of 18.0 m €, a three-court multi-use sports hall for the citizens of Barsbüttels can now be realised.

at a glance


Commune Barsbüttel


trapez architektur,



Gross surface area

approx. 7.500 m²

Gross volume

approx. 22.500 m³


approx. 15,0 Mio. € gross


1996 to 2004


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