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Quality management

The realisation of our customers’ quality demands is one of the most important tasks of project controlling. DU Diederichs will support you from the planning stage, throughout the construction period, to the final acceptance of the planned real estate. Our understanding of market standards is to ensure product quality, even under changing conditions.

Quality right from the beginning
DIEDERICHS International examines the feasibility of your project idea as part of the initiation phase. We discover the potential of your real estate or property, and develop concepts for rehabilitation and put them into practice, as required.

Special treatment
The achieved quality mainly depends on the selection of project participants. DIEDERICHS knows exactly the required qualifications of the partners. We support our customers with specific controls throughout all stages of the project - from planning to realisation. Our service offer ranges from the review of planning results, e. g. during the initial planning phases and concept development, to the hand-over of dispatch-ready competition documents.

Minimisation of operating costs
At the early stages of the project,, we integrate building management and technical real estate evaluation experts into the current work process to secure qualified management even beyond the final acceptance of a project, and to minimise operating and maintenance costs, in order to prevent our clients from spending 'a second rent'.

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Mother company DU Diederichs is one of the leading project management companies in Germany's building sector. Since 1978, DU has represented a high level of professionalism and independence with competencies in various fields including program management, project management, public private partnership, sustainable real estate consulting, urban planning, technical due diligence, supervision, and quantity surveying, composing whole and comprehensive range of real estate consulting services.

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