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Book towers of Berlin State Library, Germany

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Within the scope of the conversion and extension of Berlin State Library, building 1, Unter den Linden, the reconstruction of a central reading room is planned. To create the necessary conditions, the book towers, built in the 80ies to serve as a storage place for more than two million books as well as office rooms and workshops, had to be dismantled.

At first, alternative rooms in other parts of the building were arranged, to keep up the sensitive library business. As the next stage the logistically intensive removal was completed.

For the initial decontamination, DIEDERICHS established an efficient cutting process. The concrete parts were divided into sections of approx. 3 tons, prior to environmentally friendly disposal. This almost surgical cutting procedure secured low-vibration dismantling of the metal-concrete construction. A complex construction, serving as an additional protection for the occupants in surrounding reading rooms and other rooms used for scientific studies, against acoustic noise and dust, was built in front of the facade in accordance with the work place directives. Furthermore, the weak structure of old buildings surrounding the library were protected through continual measurement and monitoring of movement, vibration and subsidence.

DIEDERICHS makes continual contributions for an efficient utilisation of resources. Furthermore, DIEDERICHS makes sure that the tasks are completed in line with quality requirements and on schedule, to ensure a punctual beginning for the construction of the reading room.

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Foundation Preußischer Kulturbesitz





Gross surface area

approx. 16.600 m²

Gross volume

approx. 42.900 m³


approx. 18,9 Mio. € gross


2001 to 2005


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