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Primary school Gebelestraße, Munich

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An insignificant, unspectacular project at first sight, after closer consideration, nevertheless, highly complicated. Also, therefore, the decision of the regional capital of Munich was to continue the long-standing successful collaboration with DIEDERICHS.

The sheer cost and schedule control of general reinstatement works alone is very demanding. Nevertheless, this project encompasses the redevelopment of the main building, the establishment of a four group day-care centre, the new building of a gymnasium as well as the matching sports facilities.

All areas of operation are closely interlocked with each other through the running of the business. In connection with the preservation of monuments and historic buildings, a complicated problem formulation exists, which DIEDERICHS can meet with its special competence.

A high degree in detailed schedule planning is necessary here to guarantee an unobstructed execution. Thus a container town on the sports field is established to guarantee the temporary relocation of the children. The main building standing under preservation of monuments and historic buildings is gutted at the beginning of the building works, in the middle of 2005, to two thirds, and afterwards is reconstructed.

On account of the long execution time DIEDERICHS supports the German capital of Munich to raise the acceptance for the construction measures with parents and organisations.

at a glance


Federal capital Munich


Drescher + Kubina



Gross surface area

approx. 12.637 m²

Gross volume

approx. 53.586 m³


approx. 26,3 Mio. € gross


2001 to 2014


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