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Senior citizen centre, Monschau/Germany

life with a past

The historic Monschau city centre offers an idyllic and familiar enviroment for the occupants of the foundation ‘Maria-Hilf-Stift’. Through the construction of an extension building and the redevelopment of the senior citizen centre below Montjoie Castle, the existing facilities are to be completed and designed in a more attractive way.

On DIEDERICHS’ recommendation, the achitect´s planning was checked to see if the requirements for granting planning permission were met. However, the following necessary design modifications neither meet monumental protection requirements nor the client´s demands. Therefore, DIEDERICHS was commissioned with the preparation of a feasibility study, to clarify principle questions. Determined cost and time targets had to be taken into consideration.

The client wants to realise the project in the style of a public private partnership (ppp) model. The aim is to utilise synergies from a combined commissioning of planning, construction, maintenance and financing. The financing should be secured for more than 30 years, to eliminate the long-term economic risk.

DIEDERICHS will assist in the investor’s tender procedure, co-operating with the lawyers ’Kapellmann + Partner’, to cover the integral parts between legal, technical and ecomonic consulting.

at a glance


Maria-Hilf-Stift Monschau


Schmitz, Aachen/NBP, Aachen



Gross surface area

approx. 11.623 m²

Gross volume

approx. 32.600 m³


approx. 13,4 Mio. € gross


2003 to 2009


Change Management
Co-ordination of planning participants
Co-ordination of the building owner’s personal contribution
Contract management
Cost controlling
Cost management
Cost planning
Dunning and arrears process
GÜ- und GPM-Modelle
Monitoring of feasibility studies
Organisation management
Payment control
Planning control
Project accounting
Project control
Project handbook
Proofs for use of capital
Quality assurance
Quality management
Quality monitoring
Schedule controlling
Schedule planning
Supplementary management
Time Schedule management
User demand program

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