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Citibank Duisburg/Germany

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Fortunately, schedules normally include time buffers - a princle which had to be clearly denied when ‘Citibank Privatkunden AG’ commissioned DIEDERICHS with the project control.

The task of delivering the building in June 1999, not later than 14 months after the beginning of the pre-planning, for partitial utilisation, seemed to be almost impossible. Due to a parallel performance of processes and an intensive co-operation with the responsible authorities for the city of Duisburg, a partial construction permit for the excavation works was granted after no more than 4 months.

The architecture of the 17-storey building with nearby underground garage had to be functional. The selected materials were optimised, with regard to a quick construction process. Parallel to assigning the excavation works, the pre-qualification procedure for the general contractors for the main construction measure was carried out. At the time the construction permit was obtained, the working group ‘Bilfinger+Berger/Trapp AG’ received the order for the functional creation of the building. The main criterion for commissioning was ‘the ability to work in a team’.

As a result of the constructive, target-oriented co-operation between all parties involved, the written correnspodence between buiding owner, planner, project controller and performing contractors where kept to a minimum. In June 1999, 10 months later, the building could be used for business before the due date. In August 1999, the whole project was completed, maintaining the overall pre-determined budget.

at a glance


Asset Management Offices, Citigroup Realty Services GmbH


HPP International
mbH, Düsseldorf



Gross surface area

approx. 22,000 m²

Gross volume

approx. 100,000 m³


approx. 41 Mio. € gross


1998 to 2000


Capacity planning
Contract management
Cost management
GÜ- und GPM-Modelle
Planning control
Project control
Project controlling
Quality monitoring
Schedule controlling
Schedule planning
Sonderkoordination Termine
Supplementary management
Time Schedule management

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