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UPPER EASTSIDE, Berlin/Germany

keystone on Berlin boulevard

The historic complex on the junction Unter den Linden/Ecke Friedrichstraße, in one of the most famous places in Berlin, is to be revived.

The urban development target for the planned representative construction on the last free building site on the boulevard ‚’Unter den Linden’ is the reconstruction of the building lines of the streets ‘Unter den Linden’, ‘Friedrichstraße’ and ‘Mittelstraße’, according to the historic town plan.

The necessary relocation of media and streeets, demolition of ’Unter den Linden’ hotel and the complex three-floor excavation place high demands on planning and control. The project is in the public eye because of the exposed location.

The design by the architects from ’Gerkan, Marg and Partner’ considers the building owner’s demand for highest utililation flexibility of the building ensemble, consisting of five houses with seven overground and three underground storeys. The flexibility required will be realised in several phases.

The complexity of the construction scheme, with regard to planning, logistics and realisation, requires external project control, taken on by DIEDERICHS during the pre-planning phase.

at a glance


MEAG - MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GmbH, Entwicklung Immobilien


von Gerkan, Marg und
Partner Architekten



Gross surface area

approx. 58,000 m²

Gross volume

approx. 230,000 m³


approx. 165.5 Mio. € gross


2004 to 2011


Project control

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