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Berlin State Library, Potsdamer Strasse, Germany

keep calm

Every day, around 3,500 people visit the Berlin State Library at Potsdamer Straße, to read, study and research. Not to disturb them in their concentration is the greatest challenge for the planned asbestos abatement and modernisation of the air conditioning plant, to be performed by 2012, during library business.

During the construction time of Berlin State Library (1967 – 1977), designed by Hans Scharoun, asbestos was generally regarded as ‘the mineral of 1000 possibilities’, mainly used for fire protection in the air conditioning plants.

The necessary construction measures have been divided into 26 redevelopment stages, to keep disturbances for visitors and employees to the limit. The relatively fragmented concentration of this project scheme, highly demanding with regard to structural engineering and logistics, allows normal library business to be maintained and explains the long duration of the project.
Through schedule monitoring and controlling as well as structural quality assurance, maintaining the fixed budget, DIEDERICHS assumed high responsibility for this also logistically demanding task. The continual performance required from all project participants will have an important impact on the success of the project.

at a glance


BBR - The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Berlin


Büro für Architektur und Baugeschichte, Berlin



Gross surface area

approx. 81.300 m²

Gross volume

approx. 420.000 m³


approx. 73,8 Mio. € gross


2004 to 2017


Capital management
Change Management
Co-ordination of planning participants
Contract management
Cost management
Dunning and arrears process
Handling of business
Planning control
Process control
Project accounting
Project control
Project handbook
Quality monitoring
Schedule planning
Supplementary management

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