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HEUREKA North: Universities of Kassel and Fulda/Germany

it starts!

The Higher Education Development and construction program "HEUREKA North" of the state of Hesse, with over 260 million euros, is an investment volume of great magnitude. The overall concept includes locations of the universities of Kassel and Fulda. The combining of different disciplines at the University of Kassel, which are currently spread throughout the city, is carried out adjacent to the existing campus ”Holländischer Platz“. More Institute buildings are built and former industrial and administrative buildings for university uses on this property will be converted in the next few years. For some specific measures such as the institute buildings architecture, urban planning and landscaping, DIEDERICHS provides project management with time, cost and quality management.

The location of the University of Fulda is extended and realigned by new property purchases. Central facilities are complemented by new buildings of university and state library, canteen and Academic Service Center. Existing buildings are renovated and appropriate open spaces are created.

DIEDERICHS was entrusted with the performance of top-level project management. Thus the site development plans as well as the new construction, remodeling, renovation, building maintenance and restructuring measures at the sites in question are mainly supervised by DIEDERICHS.

In addition to the overall supervisory services, DIEDERICHS provides project management services for individual additional buildings. Construction work has already begun, let's go!

at a glance


Federal State of Hesse, Hessisches Baumanagement


raumzeit architekten, ATELIER 30 Architekten


Kassel and Fulda

Gross surface area

approx. 80.000 m²

Gross volume

approx. m³


approx. 260.000 Mio. € gross


2008 to 2016


corrdination development
process controll
Project controlling

DIEDERICHS International GmbH
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phone: +49 (0) 30. 21 23 38.38

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(C) raumzeit architekten

(C) raumzeit architekten
(C) raumzeit architekten


University of Fulda
University of Fulda

University of Fulda, Library
University of Fulda, Library


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