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KPM quarters, Berlin-Charlottenburg

healthy to the core

In December 2001, 'Kassenaerztliche Bundesvereinigung - KBV' (Confederation of CHI Physicians), 'Bundesaerztekammer - BÃK' (Federal Medical Association) and 'Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft - 'DKG'(German Hospital Federation) signed the contract for the construction of an office building on the premises of the former 'Kaiserliche Porzellan Manufaktur - KPM' (Imperitorial Porcelain Manufacture. The new construction was planned as two buildings, connected through a 2-storey underground garage.

Both parts of the building structure will be provided with a high-quality natural stone facade and a flexible room layout, adapted to user requirements, with representative equipment.

In the course of the third performance stage, DIEDERICHS was commissioned with project control. The reorganisation of the project plans and schedules secured the completion of the excavation and the building shell, in due time. Completion of the project in due time can be expected.

To maintain the tight budget, the award of a package was prepared, additionally to the functional commissioning of general contractors (GU). Parallel to the GU negotiations, separate partial lots were requested. After the services offered had been evaluated, the performances were assigned to a general contractor.

at a glance


Bavaria property and construction management GmbH


Braun & Voigt;
Heinle, Wischer
und Partner;
Suter & Suter



Gross surface area

approx. 30,200 m²

Gross volume

approx. 109,000 m³


approx. 47.5 Mio. € gross


2002 to 2004


Change Management
Co-ordination of planning participants
Conflict management
Contract management
Cost controlling
Cost management
Defect controlling
Expert certificate
General planner selection procedure
GÜ- und GPM-Modelle
Handling of business
Organisation management
Payment control
Process contol
Process control
Project accounting
Project control
Project handbook
Quality assurance
Quality monitoring
Schedule controlling
Schedule planning
Supplementary management
Time Schedule management
Variance analysis
VOF tendering procedure for freelance and professional services

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