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DB railway building project, Hanover-Berlin/Germany

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In 1991, it was decided to realise 17 ’German Unity’ traffic projects with top priority and an investment volume of 34,3 bn EUR. At first, the planning company ’PBDE’ took on the function of a building owner for the railway projects. This function has been taken over by its successor, ’DB ProjektBau.

Since 1993, DU supervises the DB AG project centres in both Old and New Federal States, focusing on technical and ecomonic control.

This includes, in particular, a thorough examination of the planner´s cost estimates, including technical control from the building owner ´s point of view, checking of fees and final invoices for fees, negotiations over fee contracts until the signature stage and rendering of expert opinion about additional claims because of changed or delayed performance conditions of planning and performance services.

The technical and economic controlling leads to auditable accounts and proves to be very efficient. The benefit-cost relation for the building owner is far better than 10:1.

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DB Projekt Verkehrsbau GmbH, Berlin





Gross surface area

approx. --- m²

Gross volume

approx. --- m³


approx. 34,300 Mio. € gross


1993 to 2004


Cost management
Expert certificate
Project controlling

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