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Barmenia insurance company, head office, Wuppertal/Germany

future without a risk

Extension, alteration and redevelopment of the head office of 'Barmenia' insurance company in Wuppertal

Barmenia's dynamic business development requires additional workplaces and extended training facilities for employees. Some single buildings of the administrative centre at the traditional location needed asbestos abatement.

In the first project phase, DU synchronised the user requirements and basic conditions, budget, cost and existing technical facilities. The cost targets, resulting from the economic considerations made on this, had already to be adhered to during the architect’s creation of the master plan. The specified user demand was realised in the conceptual planning. The pre-determined upper budget limit will be maintained.

In the first construction phase, two office blocks and two connection buildings, providing training facilities, canteen and a print office, will be constructed after asbestos abatement and partial dismantling of existing buildings. The already planned and permitted extension with a third office block, including a management division, will be realised in the second construction stage to make the ensemble complete.

at a glance


Barmenia Krankenversicherung a.G. Wuppertal


agiplan integrale Bauplanung



Gross surface area

approx. 57,500 m²

Gross volume

approx. 250,000 m³


approx. 156.1 Mio. € gross


2001 to 2012


Capital management
Change Management
Co-ordination of planning participants
Co-ordination of the building owner’s personal contribution
Contract management
Cost controlling
Cost planning
Dunning and arrears process
Handling of business
Monitoring of feasibility studies
Payment control
Planning control
Process control
Project accounting
Project control
Project controlling
Project handbook
Quality assurance
Quality management
Quality monitoring
Schedule controlling
Schedule planning
Supplementary management
Time Schedule management
User demand program

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