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Law and administration centre, Wiesbaden/Germany

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May 2004. In co-operation between Wiesbaden the capital city of Hesse and the state of Hessen the pilot project "judicial and administrative center of Wiesbaden" was initiated acording to "private-public partnership model." This aroused attention to the beginning of the professionally interested.
DIEDERICHS was appointed with the preparation and execution of the through-PPP procurement process. The objective was to find a suitable private investor to built and operate for 30 years a justice of the center for all Wiesbaden dishes including Attorney's Office, an administrative center for the capital city Wiesbaden. Already in March 2007, the PPP contract with the private investor are certified.
The core of the PPP contract was the construction of two building complex, two underground car parks, a cafeteria and a parking garage. The main Subject of the contract was to secure the property transmission, the operation of the building over 30 years and the guarantee of high energy consumption. Consequently it is managed to get a building with high functionality at economic rents to represent the capital city Wiesbaden and the judiciary in the state of Hesse in ¬ adequate way. The clear conception, successful high-quality architecture and design contribute to an urban memorize ¬ seed image. The total completion, including the parking garage and grounds was in September 2009.

at a glance


Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden





Gross surface area

approx. 23,770 m²

Gross volume

approx. 247,000 m³


approx. 125 Mio. € gross


2005 to 2009


Economic efficiency analysis
Investor’s invitation to tender
PPP contract awarding
Project controlling
Quality assurance

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