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Schwarzenbek grammar school, Germany

DU gives good schooling in construction

The city of Schwarzenbek records a continual increase in population in the catchment area of Hamburg. Newly registered residential areas as well as the improvement of the traffic infrastructure increase young families´loyalty to the city.

The prognosted demographic development reveals the demand for investments in the extension and construction of schools, in contrast to the national trend.

DIEDERICHS has already been involved in the first conceptual project phase. Firstly, the city will be provided with feasibility studies, focusing on ecomonic efficiency, and expert consultancy.

The aim is to develop an overall concept, based on the increased demand for school space, day-care facilities and the lack in sports facilities.

The existing demand for the redevelopment of single schools, under promotional and urban development aspects play a special role in this context. DIEDERICHS is responsible for moderation of the co-ordination process with the project participants, school and parent representatives, citizens, funding authorities, the school maintaining body and the authorising bodies.

at a glance


City of Schwarzenbek


pbr, Osnabrück



Gross surface area

approx. 6.000 m²

Gross volume

approx. 21.000 m³


approx. 22,0 Mio. € gross




Co-ordination of planning participants
Cost planning
Expert certificate
Monitoring of feasibility studies
Project control
User demand program

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