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Competition management

A major characteristic of renowned projects is to shape and influence the urban context. For the sake of our future generations, it is vital to carefully plan and shape our environment. In that sense, preparation and coordination of competitions for architecture and urban planning in accordance to UNESCO regulation or the German RPW is an important but demanding task which requires professional consultancy.

Service to be provided / proposed methodology of delivery:
  • Step 1: Consulting the client, providing organisational and project-related basics: general works and communication, internal meetings with the client, time management, clarification of procedure and participants, travel management, and cost and budget management
  • Step 2: Definition of competition tasks: compilation of basic conditions, design of program, functions and facilities
  • Step 3: Coordination of authorities and external participants: compilation of formal aspects of processes, coordination of experts
  • Step 4: Compilation of application material: compilation of application brochure and design basics, architectural scale model making, and setting up time-frames
  • Step 5: Selection and registration of participants: selection and invitation of participants, accepting applications, pre-check and editing of applications, preparing meeting of selection committee, meeting of selection committee, closing of application phase
  • Step 6: Events during application process: organisation/preparing the jury’s colloquium, jury’s colloquium, answering queries, online forum, organisation/preparing the participant’s colloquium, participant’s colloquium, organisation/preparing colloquium to integrate public opinion, colloquium to integrate public opinion
  • Step 7: Preliminary examination: preparation and execution of preliminary examination
  • Step 8: Jury colloquium: organisation/preparing the jury colloquium, participation in the jury colloquium
  • Step 9: Final documentation
  • Step 10: Presentation to public: publishing results, online presentation, public relation management, organisation of exhibition, exhibition poster and flyer
  • Step 11: Closing of competition process: short documentation, negotiations, project handover

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