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Davion Lagoon, Netherland Antilles

caribbean holiday, one of a kind

In 2009 DIEDERICHS has been assigned to the management of this international large-scale project from the development stage onwards. The idea: Designing a one of a kind holiday resort in the Netherland Antilles. Thus, the whole concept focus on a target group orientated marketing. The conception considers an ecologically sustainable, versatile and aesthetically appealing environment including the entire energy generation and supply as well as infrastructural requirements. An autarkic city for approximately 10,000 visitors provides for premises such as 5-star-plus hotels, basic guesthouses, museums, entertainment areas, wellness, lonely beaches, designer shops, and beauty salons.
After finding a suitable location for all-year tourism in the Caribbean and integrating expertise from reputable project partner into the preliminary master plan, the actual main tasks are concerned with investors’ relations, optimisation of the master plan and economic efficiency studies. The planned time frame envisions the beginning of the construction works in 2014 and the opening of the resort in 2018.
With Davion Lagoon DIEDERICHS fortifies its position regarding the development of urbanistic large-scale projects on an international basis.

at a glance


Davion Lagoon GmbH




Netherland Antilles

Gross surface area

approx. 500,000 m²

Gross volume

approx. m³


approx. approx. 1,550 € gross Mio. € gross


2009 to 2018


DIEDERICHS International GmbH
Chausseestrasse 25
D-10115 Berlin, Germany

phone: +49 (0) 30. 21 23 38.38

Davion Lagoon

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