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Tourism development Ring Wuhai Lake, Wuhai/China

a vision possible

The Chinese city Wuhai is located in the southwest of Inner Mongolia. About 500 thousand residents belonging to 25 different tribes like the Han, Mongolian, and Hui, are located in an administra­tive area of ca. 175,400 ha.

Wuhai is a young, dynamic and vigorous city which has high potential for new project development.

The aim was to create a concept of the overall layout and of the urban design for the key area of the 3,000 ha city. Special attention was on local sights and landmarks for tourism, recreation, entertainment, sport and living; and on the development potential of the Wuhai-Lake.

Approach of Diederichs International:
• Development of high-quality properties with view over the nearby sea or park instead of optimizing spaces
• Creating an overall concept under the credo “mountain, water and city”
• Expansion of properties with access to the beach
• Integration sustainable development

Diederichs International won 3rd prize, whereat no 1st prize was awarded.

at a glance


Government of Wuhai City


Diederichs International GmbH



Gross surface area

approx. 30.000.000 m²

Gross volume

approx. --- m³


approx. unknown Mio. € gross




Design concept
Master plan

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Wuhai Lake, islands
Wuhai Lake, islands


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